Planning your wedding in Florida is a no-brainer.  Great climate, sunshine (we’re known as the sunshine state), beaches, historic venues and more.  One aspect of wedding planning that is sometimes overlooked is the bathroom facilities.  If it’s an outside wedding or a venue that does not typically support large groups, you surely want ample bathroom facilities when food and drink are involved.  Porta-potties are often out of the question as this will be an elegant event.  Therefore, bathroom trailers are a must!  Don’t get caught last minute searching for restroom facilities for your guests.  Follow these five steps to make planning a breeze.

This five-step guide to renting a restroom trailer for your wedding was created by The Lovely Loo.  The Lovely Loo offers elegant restroom trailers for rent in Northeast Florida, Central Florida, and Southeast Georgia.  This includes the popular wedding destinations of St. Augustine, Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, Jacksonville Beaches, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina Beach and everywhere in-between.

1. Schedule Your Rental As Early As Possible

Restroom trailers are often a hot-commodity during wedding season.  Schedule your restroom trailer as early as possible to ensure you get the exact size unit you need for your event.  Restroom trailers come in all different sizes depending on your guest count.  The sizes can range from 2-3 stall trailers to 10 and 11 stall trailers.  Typically, the more stalls, the more expensive the unit is to rent.  Here at The Lovely Loo, we own all of our restroom trailers for rent.  Therefore, when you reach out to us for availability, we can provide you with exact details.  Even if your event is coming up very soon, we will do our best to provide you with a solution that will work for your guest count.

2. Make Sure The Location Can Work For The Trailer

This is something that most restroom trailer companies will work with you on when figuring out the details.  Restroom trailers are about the size of an RV so they need ample room to get to your venue location.  Sometimes fitting through tight driveways or under low-hanging branches can prove difficult.  Here at the Lovely Loo, we’ll talk with you about your venue, where you want the restroom trailer(s) positioned and if we envision any difficulties BEFORE your big day.

3. Get A Quote For Budgeting

Restroom trailers will carry a higher cost than traditional porta potties for good reason.  They are essentially full bathrooms and include central heat & air, running water, flushing toilets, etc..  We all know wedding costs can add up quickly so when putting together your overall wedding budget, make sure you have a line item for bathroom trailers.

4. Guest Counts & Do You Need ADA Access?

As we mentioned above, restroom trailers for rent come in all sizes depending on the number of stalls you require.  We can help you figure out the perfect restroom trailer size if we know your guest count.  Another question you’ll need to ask is will any of your guests have special access needs?  Guests that require a wheelchair to move around may need ADA-compliant restroom trailers.  Luckily, The Lovely Loo has ADA-compliant restroom trailers available for rent.  If you think this will be the case with your celebration, make sure you let us know when you call.

5. Proper Hookups For Restroom Trailers

The hookups required by your trailer will depend on the trailer you selected.  When you get in touch with the company you’ll be renting the trailer from, make sure you discuss the availability of hookups.  Some trailers may be 100% self-sufficient using water tanks and either solar power or generators for power.  Other trailers may require electricity and/or freshwater hookups.  In almost all cases, trailers store the sewage waste in the trailer and that is taken care of professionally when we come to pick up the trailers following the celebration.

Let’s Plan Your Event

Here at The Lovely Loo, we’re a veteran-owned and operated company serving Northeast Florida, Central Florida and Southeast Georgia.  If you’re planning a wedding, celebration or event in these areas, we hope you would consider us for your restroom trailer rental needs.

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