The Lovely Loo is now proud to announce their luxury restroom trailer services to the Gainesville area. Providing a pleasant restroom for all of your upcoming events including:

Gainesville Weddings

A lot of time and effort goes into planning an extravagant wedding. Lovely Loo is an easy and efficient way to supply an extreme necessity to your guests. These VIP trailer are clean, reliable and even air-conditioned for a comfortable and pleasant restroom experience. Many Gainesville venues cannot supply a restroom for a large amount of guests and this is a problem that Lovely Loo can easily fix. These comfort stations are priced just right and can be delivered right to your Gainesville destination. Call today for a free quote and give your guests a satisfying experience on your wedding day, with Lovely Loo.

Gainesville Sporting Eents

Sports are huge in Gainesville and sometimes the games get dirty. This does not mean your outdoor restrooms have to be dirty too. Whether you’re enjoying a game of football, soccer or even an array of outdoor sporting events, The Lovely Loo supplies a pleasant restroom experience. Air-conditioned, clean and extremely reliable comfort stations allow your guests to enjoy outdoor athletics without the worry of using a dirty Porta Pottie. The Lovely Loo will deliver right to your Gainesville location, call today for a free quote.

Gainesville Private Party

Private events cater to people of all different wants and needs. However they all have one thing in common, the want and need of a pleasant restroom experience. The Lovely Loo supplies exactly that, at an affordable price. Delivering right to the event location, Lovely Loo supplies a clean, attractive and reliable comfort station for all of your guests. Not only will guests be amazed with the look and overall enjoyable experience with the Lovely Loo, they will also be surprised with the prepared accommodation to each and every one of them. A restroom is a necessity, make it a pleasant one and call Lovely Loo today for a free quote.

Gainesville Graduation Celebration

No matter the age, no matter the accomplishment, graduations are always a huge and exciting reason to celebrate. Lovely Loo supplies a pleasant restroom experience with air-conditioning, cleanliness and extreme reliability to each and every guest. Many times there are not enough restrooms available to accommodate all of the guests and this creates long lines, frustrated guests and often restroom messes. The Lovely Loo eliminates all of that and brings an excellent comfort station. Amaze your guests and fulfill all of their needs, while celebrating. Call Lovely Loo today and have your VIP station delivered right to your Gainesville location.

Why Choose Us?

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Personalized Service

We always put our customers first and it shows in our great, 5 star reviews! Restroom trailers are typically not what you want to be thinking about on your event day. We make sure to keep it that way.

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New, Clean Trailers

Dealing with portable restrooms can be a dirty business if not properly cared for. We make sure you always get clean, sanitized and properly maintained restroom trailers for your events.

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Family Owned & Operated

We've been family owned and operated since day 1. Every trailer we deliver is a representation of our company. Therefore, we always make sure to put our best foot forward with every rental.

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