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We're able to offer solutions to all your mobile sanitation needs. This includes Portable Showers, Hand Wash Stations, Holding Tanks & more. Get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Hand Wash Stations

Our hand wash stations operate by foot-pump and can accommodate 300-400 washes per unit. They are used by event guests, festival goers, construction crews, and disaster response teams alike. Rental price includes water, soap, and paper towels.

Holding Tanks

Holding Tanks are an ideal solution for collecting waste water, also known as grey water and black water. This discharge can come from portable restrooms, trailers or even sinks. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, each serving a specific purpose. At Lovely Loo we rent a variety of different water holding tanks from 124 gallons to 300 gallons. These holding tanks can be used with mobile office trailers at construction sites or on-site at special events or festivals. They are also incredibly useful in disaster relief applications.

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Personalized Service

We always put our customers first and it shows in our great, 5 star reviews! Restroom trailers are typically not what you want to be thinking about on your event day. We make sure to keep it that way.

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New, Clean Trailers

Dealing with portable restrooms can be a dirty business if not properly cared for. We make sure you always get clean, sanitized and properly maintained restroom trailers for your events.

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Family Owned & Operated

We've been family owned and operated since day 1. Every trailer we deliver is a representation of our company. Therefore, we always make sure to put our best foot forward with every rental.

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